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Do you want to be included on our Testimonials page?  Send us your testimonial and/or photo of your dog playing with their Tuffy toy.  Email them to us at TuffieToys@gmail.com.

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DISCLAIMER:  TUFFY BRAND TOYS ARE NOT CHEW TOYS.  Keep that in mind despite what people may write in their testimonials.

"I wanted to send along a photo of Pancha with your toy--she's our 7 year old chocolate lab mix and she's the apple of our eye. Thank you for making such wonderful healthy toys and for taking the time to write back to my son Stephen and making his day!" ~ Sandy S. & son Stephen S.
"Hi I have a Boston Terrier whom I have affectionately dubbed as Destructo-Boy; he shreds and gnaws and generally destroys all his toys - EXCEPT for the Ultimate Boomerang - I just realized that I bought that thing a year ago and it's the only original toy left - I guess that's a testimonial - feel free to use it." ~ Mark H.
"I thought you might enjoy this picture of my handsome boy, Titus, and his favorite Tuffy Boomerang Toy :) I absolutely love your line of products, we've tried pretty much every brand of dog toys out there and Tuffys are the only ones that are built for chewers like Titus :) I won't buy any other brand cause I might as well throw my money away. Keep up the great work." ~ Lyndsey
"I am HUGE fan of the Tuffy Toys. They are the only brand that I have found to last a long time, even after being washed. Both Hera and Venus love that they are soft, and I love that they last." ~ Maribel, a long time loyal customer.
"Hi. Attached is a picture of Six (our American Bulldog) playing with her octupus.... she just loves all the squeakers in it. Thank you for the 10% off code, I am sure it will come in handy... as we love to spoil our dogs." ~ Carrie
"Hi, I finally bought a toy that my Jada doesn't destroy in 10 min. Thank you for the Mega series of toys." ~ Tina
"Hi. Roxanne's Bowmerang has not left her mouth in months and still exists. The missing couch cushion behind her did not last 15 minutes. Thanks for creating a toy for the wild dogs." ~ James
"Many thanks for taking the time to respond. It is very much appreciated. I will definitely be purchasing from your site, and thank you for the discount code." ~ Ryan
"Izzy loves her Tuffy toys!" ~ Emily
"I am a mom to Tilly, a 2 year old Great Dane. I would like to say thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU for a wonderful product. My "little" girl loves your mega toys. She is so rough on toys and they are the only thing that lasts. When she sees me pull one of your mega rings out of the bag, she is so excited! And the fact that you have come out with more options in the mega series is a plus as well. Thanks again!" ~ Denise
"We have two English Bulldogs. They are very hard on all of their toys. They especially love chewing on stuffed animal toys. Since finding Tuffy toys, they have had their work cut out for them. These toys really do stand up to tough chewers like Tyson and Diesel...as you can see, Tyson loves his Tuffy Toy!" ~ Carmen
"Thank you for the pdf training document and the discount!" ~ Michael
"Hi. Here is my 1 year old Cavalier with his new Ultimate Ring." ~ S. Roberts
"Thank you. Your training tip seems pretty clear and Theo seems to train easily. I figured he chewed like this out of stress (rescue pup!). I'll start this training with new toys I bring in. He really is a good boy." ~ Theo's Mom
"Charlie having a ball with his Tuffy toy." ~ Charles
"I just love your toys!! My dogs (I have a pit bull and a large hound-pit mix) have been playing with them for years, and a friend of mine suggested I go to this site to let you know. We had a T-Rex that lasted well over a year and a half. One dog would take it by the head, the other by the tail and tug, tug, tug! Mr T-Rex finally lost his filling, but we still have him in his unstuffed form, and he is still in good enough shape for the dogs to play with--though I have retired him and replaced him with yet another Tuffie Triceratops. You have the absolute best toys in the business for those of us with tuff-playing pups. Thank you!" ~ Susan
"Dear Tuffie Toys, just wanted to let you know how much we love your toys! Our two dogs, Dozer and Sage love to play rough! Your tuff scale 8 Oddball has been the best toy we have found yet! We have had the Oddball for about 3 months and are just now beginning to wear it down. We are excited to try a tuff scale 10 toy soon. Thanks so much for the well made and incredibly durable toys you make! We've attached a picture of Dozer, right and Sage on the left. They really love this toy! Thanks again!" ~ Margo and TJ
"Hi, I run a puppy daycare and your toys are the only ones the pups enjoy playing with and can't destroy." ~ Elaine
"Hello. So here is my lazy greyhound Cali snuggling up with her purple octopus Tuffy. It lasted us about 6 months, which for a plushy with a 70 pound greyhound is pretty darn good. We're going to try the alien next." ~ Krysten
"Wonderful!! Thank you so much for the help and response back! I'm very excited to help Bo learn how to enjoy his toys more. like I said, the Tuffys seem to be the best for him and he loves them, a little too much! I'll check out the Megas too, maybe a Christmas present for him. Thanks again!" ~ Jenny
"Emaciated, abused, and together housed in a 4x6 cage with NO bedding or TOYS for 4 years... we rescued Avila and Bruce. Now, 2 1/2 years later... your toys are the only toy they haven't destroyed in less than 2 hours. For Christmas, we are getting them the BIG dinosaur and Bruce will love it. Truly thank you... hope you enjoy the photos." ~ Judy
"Hi there! We have a 1 yr old lab/golden retriever and he loves your toys! We buy them all the time. Right now he is working on the T-Rex he got for Christmas and he loves it! Thanks." ~ Breanna
"Hi, I bought many of your toys for my Old English Foxhound, and she loved them. I have a Silky Cocker now and I'm sure he would love some of your sea creatures. Thanks and have a great day!" ~ Alex
Kobie Vs. Tuffy Mega Ring. Kobie's having a great time playing with his new favorite toy. This dog's "Bad to the Bone!" ~ CJ & Kobie
"Hi, I should have written sooner to tell you how much we enjoy your toys. Our two dogs have had 2 alligators, the pig, sheep, purple octopus, the T-rex, and the lobster (I think that's all of them). We ordered the 10-rated, tiger-striped octopus and were very excited to receive it about a week or two ago. Our dog loves it. Thanks." ~ Tracy
"Hi and thank you for the response and the discount code. Tuffy toys are the only ones that survive my dogs. Yes, they get through even the ones rated 10, but it takes them a lot longer than any other toy. Thank you for recognizing the need for strong chewers to have soft toys, and for making them with so much protection!" ~ Ellyn
"I thought you might enjoy this photo of my yellow Lab, Deuce, with his absolutely favorite toy all year long, the Rumble Ring! Thanks for making a great product." ~ Elise
"These are the BEST DOG TOYS EVER!!!! We have two American Bull Dogs, one is 13 years old, and the other is two years old. With the older dog, we went through toy after toy, as nothing ever held up. She is to the point were she is no longer interested in toys so when we brought home the puppy two years ago, we quickly had to run out and buy some puppy toys, and were greatly surprised by how great your products are. We have everything from a yellow ring which holds up much better then any frisbee, we have a purple octopus and a red bone, and they all hold up (squeakers are not so lucky) to the 2 year old american bull dog who loves to play. Just wanted to thank you for making a product that the dogs love and that I am not replacing once a week." ~ Carrie
"Dear Tuffie Toys: THANK YOU for making a toy that my dogs can play with for more than 5 minutes! We've had this tug toy for over two years now, and it has stood up to the pressure and constant play of my personal Weimaraners, plus various foster German Shorthair Pointers, and even a tiny pitbull that came to visit a few weeks ago. A current foster, Hendrix, is in LOVE with this tug and carries it around wherever he goes. I think I'll have to buy him his own when he gets adopted! Thanks again!" ~ Sara & Crew
"Our dog Sugar LOVES Tuffie Toys - we live in Ireland and she's been sent three different ones - the eel, the octopus and the purple dinosaur - which she cuddles up with at night - brilliantly made." ~ Lisa
Hello, my nine month old black Lab / German Shepherd mix named Sperry is quite the handful and loves to destroy everything. We have gone through hundreds of toys and he has always ripped them to shreds! I have never found a toy so durable and that has lasted so long! We love your toys, and Sperry does too!! Here's a picture of Sperry with his Polly Pig. Thank you for making his life so much better, keep up the great work! ~Your loyal customers, Sperry & Sarah
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