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Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What toy is best for my sized dog?
        A:  For small or toy breeds, the Jr. Series toys are best.  For medium to large breeds, Mega Rings, Ultimate Series & Sea Creatures are a good size.  However, the Dinosaur toys are best only for large breeds as these toys are extremely large & heavy.

      1. My dog chews up every toy he gets within minutes.  How are Tuffy Toys any different?
          Tuffy Toys are made with multiple layers of durable material and seven layers of stitching making them one of the "Tuffest" soft toys available.  However, keep in mind that Tuffy Toys are NOT chew toys and will not stand up to a dog's constant chewing.  Tuffys are intended for interactive training & play.  So if you play with your dog then put the Tuffy Toy away when you're done, they will last quite a long time even with rough play. 
      2. How are Tuffy Toys made?
          Tuffy toys are the most durable soft toys available.  They are made with 
        4 layers of bonded material (fleece, luggage material, plastic), stuffed with non-toxic fiber, and assembled with 7 layers of stitching for added durability.  CLICK HERE for more information and to see a cutaway view of their construction.  Note:  Mega toys are made with 7 layers of material for maximum durability.
      3. How loud is the squeaker?
          The squeakers in Tuffy Toys are loud enough to excite a dog but quiet enough to not be annoying to their owners.
      4. The toy I want is listed as "Unavailable."  When will it be in stock again?
          Due to the popularity of Tuffy Brand Toys, some will be out of stock at any given time.  However, we are constantly getting in new shipments and toys are usually restocked within 2-4 weeks.  So keep checking back until your toy is available.  Of course you can always e-mail us at
        TuffieToys@gmail.com to get more specific details.
      5. I bought my Tuffy Toy at a local store or from another website.  Can I return it to you for a refund or exchange if it's defective?
          Unfortunately no.  We are not the manufacturer of Tuffy® Brand Pet Toys.  The manufacturer is VIP Products.  You should contact the vendor who sold you the toy and work with their customer service department or contact the manufacturer directly at www.vipproducts.com.  We can only assist our customers who bought directly from our website.
      6. I live outside the United States.  Why can't I buy toys on your site?
        We are Independent U.S. Distributors 
        of Tuffy Brand Pet Toys.  Our site only allows sales to addresses in the United States.
      7. What shipping method do you use to ship Tuffy Toys?
          All our toys are shipped via UPS.  The customer decides whether to ship via ground or air on the checkout page.  CLICK HERE for more information on our Shipping & Sales Policies.
      8. I noticed a "Discount Code" box at the bottom of the checkout page.  What do I need to do to get my own Discount Code?
          There are two ways to get your own discount code.  First, any customer who buys from us will automatically receive their own code good for future purchases.  Second, you may send us an e-mail requesting your own discount code and we'd be happy to send you one.  The discount applies to all items in your shopping cart even if an item is already on sale.
      9. What kind of discounts do you offer?
          In addition to a basic 10% discount, we can offer a higher repeat customer discount, bulk savings, free shipping, group discounts, etc.  Simply e-mail us at 
        TuffieToys@gmail.com and we'll work with you to get you the best deal possible for your specific situation.
      10. My dog likes to play fetch in the ocean or a lake.  Do Tuffy Toys float and are they washable?
          Yes!  Tuffys are designed to float and are machine washable (air dry only please).  This makes them ideal for water play and after a good wash, they're good as new.
      11. Why do you require my e-mail address when I place an order? 
          We use your e-mail address only to contact you about issues regarding Tuffie Toys.  For example, order confirmation, questions about your order, to inform you of existing sales, etc.  Be assured we will never sell or give out your e-mail or personal information to anyone else. 
        CLICK HERE to review our Privacy Policy.
      12. What kind of guarantee do you offer for Tuffy Toys?
          All our toys are guaranteed against manufacturer's defects only.  CLICK HERE for our guarantee & return policy. Keep in mind that Tuffy Toys are "soft" toys and are not indestructible nor will they stand up to a dog's constant chewing.  Tuffy Toys are intended for interactive training or play only.  Therefore, we cannot offer any guarantee on the length of useful life of the toys.  Remember, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure your dog does not chew the toys.
      13. Is your Tuffie Toys site secure for credit card transactions?
        A:  Yes.  Our site is SSL Certified by "VeriSign Secured."  Verisign is the leading SSL provider with the strongest encryption available to safeguard your personal information.  You may view our SSL Certificate on our checkout page prior to typing in your credit card information.
      14. What does SSL Certificate mean?
          SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer" which is a technology that protects our web site and your information in three essential ways:

              1.  An SSL Certificate enables encryption of
                   sensitive information during online transactions.

              2.  Each SSL Certificate contains unique, authenticated 
                    information about the certificate owner.

              3.  A Certificate Authority verifies the identity of 
                   the certificate owner when it is issued.
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